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about me

Hello! I’m Kelly, a wife and mom to two little girls.

I’m a Christian, and I’m passionate about helping Christian parents and other adults pass faith down to the young people in their own lives.

Before I had children, I studied Christian Education Leadership to lead church ministry. Then, I worked as a youth ministry director at our church for four years, leading middle school students, high school students, and young adults, into a (hopefully) closer walk with Him.

For several years, our family has been preparing to move overseas as aid workers. We work for a non-profit organization now that will eventually send us overseas (hopefully in 2016). We’ve had a series of delays, most recently to take care of some medical treatment for our daughter, so for now, we’re continuing to call Southern California home.

(Because of our future overseas work, we keep a pretty low profile online. That’s why you’ll likely never see pictures of our full faces or our full names.)

I’m married to a pilot and have two young daughters (a preschooler and baby). I stay home with the girls, which keeps me busy! I love reading, traveling, and going to Disneyland with our family.


about Faith Passed Down

The mission of Faith Passed Down is to offer Christian faith-building ideas for children and teens. began in May 2015. (though I’ve casually dabbled in starting this site in the past, and even bought the domain “” a few years ago).

I’ve been reading blogs for many years (starting with The Simple Wife in 2006!), but this is my first time running a “real” blog. Truthfully, after so many years of reading blogs, it’s overwhelming to try to make this one perfect – I am now realizing how much time, energy, and talent goes into the blogs I read!

But, I am continuing to work hard to develop this site, because I hope Faith Passed Down will be a blessing to those adults looking to show Jesus to the young people in their lives.


While I worked at our church, I was impressed by the idea that even for the students most devoted to our church, I was only seeing them one or two hours a week at Sunday school or a midweek youth program. On the other hand, they were spending lots of time with parents, teachers, older siblings, and family friends.

You may be a parent looking to share faith with your children, or you may be another adult, hoping to make a difference in the life of a grandchild, niece or nephew, Sunday school student, or young friend (I call you “adult mentors.”) You may be a church leader or pastor looking for resources for the adults in your congregation (click here, church leaders, for a special note to you!)

Whatever your role, I hope here at Faith Passed Down you’ll find inspiration, helpful tips, and a community of teammates as you pass faith down to the next generation of people in your life.


I want you to know that I don’t have it all figured out. Though I write about faith-building, and even though I have an education and background in these topics… I am still learning too! I wrote about how to help children participate in worship… and then spent last Sunday frustrated that I couldn’t get our two-year old to just.stop.talking during the service.

I talk about teaching even the youngest babies about Jesus… and then, when I have a moment to sing or play with my baby, I choose to spend that time folding laundry instead. I hope that doesn’t make me hypocritical – just a work-in-progress!

So, as you read and find inspiration for your own life… please don’t feel discouraged or overwhelmed! We’re all learning together, and I hope by visiting Faith Passed Down and signing up for emails and ideas, you’ll be blessed and encouraged in your faith-building journey.


What to Expect

Here’s what you can expect from this site:

posts focused primarily on faith-building in young people. You might be looking for some inspiration and encouragement or for some suggestions regarding a specific age group. There are posts about home and family, including ideas for holidays and a few crafts and DIY projects. On the other hand, there are also posts about church and ministry. I love talking about missions and service, as we get young people involved in making a difference. I have some ideas for devotions and Bible studies, and occasionally post about giveaways or other general site news.

Though I might occasionally post about my personal life, that’s not the focus of this blog – I won’t be posting much on anything except sharing faith with children and teenagers. (If you’re interested, sometimes I post about my personal life and some unrelated topics on Instagram and the Faith Passed Down facebook page.)

recommendations for resources and products to help you build faith in a young person in your life. I’m always on the lookout for other web sites, videos, books, Bible studies, and other resources that can make our lives easier and better as we seek to share Jesus with children.

new blog posts each week, typically published on Monday and Thursday.

an opportunity to comment and share your thoughts and questions. Please, join our Faith Passed Down community – I almost always leave the comments section “open” for you to share your own experiences, thoughts, or questions. I’d love to learn from you, and others would too! If you’d rather not post publicly, you can also email me anytime [kelly{at}].


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Favorite Posts

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