an update and looking ahead


Hello there! I haven’t been posting much here at Faith Passed Down recently!

Though I did just “back-date” a couple posts from December about our low-key Christmas in “survival mode.” I started writing them but never published until today (in February!), so if you’re interested, you can read them here:

We are joyfully expecting twin boys this summer and – after we got over the shock of hearing “twins!” – I spent most of the next two months doing as little as possible while I dealt with first trimester morning sickness.

Thankfully, that is behind us, and I’m getting caught up on housework, paperwork, and hopefully, continuing with some new posts at Faith Passed Down.

Coming Up…

I’m looking forward to sharing with you soon about:

  • Candle Time – Our Simple Daily Family Devotions Ā – This started a little bit by accident when Advent ended but have become a lovely, easy part of our family’s day.
  • Christ-Centered Valentine’s Day Ideas for Young Children
  • Step Into My Shoes – an update on Compassion International’sĀ wonderful lessons to help families process poverty together.
  • an update on Little Passports, a great way to help our children explore God’s World – my 3 year old is a huge fan!
  • Ideas for Observing Lent with Children

So stay tuned!

What to Expect:

I wanted to let you know that as I took a break from blogging over the past few months, and as I look ahead to making the jump from two to four children (!!) and hopefully moving overseas soon after that… I’ve done some thinking and considering about some goals for Faith Passed Down in 2016.

I’m trying to simplify things here at Faith Passed Down as much as possible. I really want to continue writing, but my only commitment to myself and to all of you is to write what I am able, when I am able.

I hope this works for me, but also for you too – the last thing I want to do is make faith-building seem overwhelming or overcomplicated. I am hoping to focus on simple, doable ways to share faith with the young people in your life – without too much frills or fluff. šŸ™‚

There likely won’t be a weekly newsletter (though for now you can still receive posts automatically once a week), and I’m giving up aspirations of a thriving Instagram account, stellar photos in every single post, thousands of readers, or lots of bells and whistles. šŸ™‚

Also, it seems like most “serious” bloggers today are pursuing ways to make an income on their blog – and there is nothing wrong with that! But I’ve realized I simply don’t have the time to do it. So, aside from using some affiliate links from Amazon or other companies I love (which can bring in a tiny bit of a commission if you buy through my links), I don’t plan to sell my own ebooks, promote lots of other products, offer speaking engagements, or focus on way to grow a large audience… I’m just aiming to keep sharing some ideas for faith-building with whoever is listening. šŸ™‚

For now, email, Facebook, and Pinterest are the best ways to keep up with Faith Passed Down. I’m not planning to write on a schedule, but will post as possible (and you’ll keep getting those posts by email if you are a subscriber).

Thanks for checking in with Faith Passed Down!

– Kelly

Leave a comment below: what have you been up to over the past few months? Any life changes, big or small? I’d love to hear from you.