Elle’s Blessing

writing a blessing1

As I’ve shared before, my husband and I have written blessings for each of our daughters to share with them on their Baptism days. These blessings are so special to us, and I want to share them here as an example in case anyone is looking to do the same thing.

Here is the blessing for our firstborn, Elle:

“Elle, our sweet little girl,

As we think about the life you have ahead of you, we aren’t sure what Jesus’ plan is for your life… how many days it will last or what those days will hold. But we do know Jesus will be with you for every moment of it.

In the days to come, we promise to do our best to pray for you and to show you what it means to follow Him. As we welcome you into Jesus’ family today, here are some specific things we hope and pray for you:

First, we pray you are a woman of faith. We want you to understand what it means that Jesus died and rose again for you. Elle, you are named after a woman in the Bible whose heart was opened when she heard the good news of Jesus. We pray that like her, you will believe and follow Him. [You might remember that Elle isn’t our daughter’s real name… so she really is named after a woman in the Bible!]

Next, Elle, we hope you will not only believe but will take action and apply Jesus’ teaching to your life. We hope the Holy Spirit will work in your life for His glory. We hope your life will display purity, wisdom, humility, honesty, integrity, patience, unconditional love, and sacrifice, and that your life will inspire others to follow Him.

Third, we pray you will have a heart for Jesus’ world and all the people in it. We hope your life is characterized by compassion and generosity for others. We want you to be a giver and have a servant’s heart.

Fourth, we hope our family will be a place where you learn to follow Jesus, and that one day, you will teach your own family to follow Him. We promise to make our home a place where Jesus is honored through our actions, our prayers, our involvement in church, and our time together focused on Jesus and His Word.

Finally, Elle, you already have such a sweet, quiet temperament. We pray you will remain kind and tenderhearted and will be a sweet friend and encourager to the people in your life.

Lord God, we lift up all of these hopes and prayers to You, asking that You would bless and keep Elle in Your care now and always. Amen.”

For more information about writing a blessing, check out this post on 6 Ways to Introduce Jesus to Even the Youngest Baby, and scroll to number six.

**Have you ever written or spoken a blessing over your children? How did you do it?