31 Days of Global Missions with Kids

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I love to see adults and children partnering together to serve Christ and serve all nations, therefore I am so excited to be writing about Global Missions with Kids for the next 31 days as part of the Write 31 Days challenge!


31 Days of Global Missions with Kids

31 Days of Global Missions with Kids: the Complete Series

If you would prefer to see the complete posts in a row from start to finish, without having to click on the individual titles, click here. This is a simple way to read through the whole series all at once!

Every day I’ll be adding a new link to the titles below after I publish that particular post.

Setting a Foundation for Global Missions with Kids

October 1: Introduction to 31 Days of  Global Missions with Kids (this post)

October 2: Global Missions 101

October 3: God’s Heart for the Whole World

October 4: Do I Have to Move Halfway Around the World to do Missions?

October 5: Six Reasons to Include Children and Teenagers in Missions

Helping Young People Cultivate a Heart for All Nations

October 6: Developing Global Awareness in Children and Teenagers

October 7: 5 Ideas for Global Home Decor

October 8: How to Make a World Map Garland

October 9: 30+ Favorite Resources for Global Missions with Kids

October 10: Raising World Christians

October 11: the Perspectives Family Journey Curriculum

October 12: Praying for the Whole World with Kids

Global Missions with Kids, Wherever You Are 

October 13: How to Pack a Shoebox for Operation Christmas Child

October 14: How to Sponsor a Child

October 15: Writing to Your Sponsored Child – with free letter-writing template!

October 16: A Fair Trade Holiday Gift Guide

October 17: Donate to an Overseas Missionary

October 18: Ways to Bless and Encourage a Missionary

October 19: Supporting Refugees: Practical Steps beyond Prayer and Donations

October 20: How to Start a Backyard Bible Club

October 21: How to Befriend and Serve International Students

October 22: Ways to do Global Missions as an Adult Mentor

October 23: Discussing and Helping Poverty with Kids

October 24: Blessing Pregnant Mamas and New Babies Everywhere

October 25: Supporting the Persecuted Church

October 26: Go and Make Disciples… In Two Weeks? Short-term Missions as a Family

October 27: Sending Your Teenager on a Short-Term Mission Trip

October 28: Maybe You Can Move Halfway Around the World! Living Overseas as a Missionary

Finishing Up

October 29: Around the World from Your Living Room: Peru

October 30: Global Missions with Kids: Around the Internet

October 31: Global Missions with Kids Wrap Up: Taking Action

This Global Missions with Kids series is full of thoughts and practical ideas for serving Christ alongside your children and teenagers.

About Faith Passed Down

If you’re new around here, at Faith Passed Down we focus on Christian faith-building ideas for children and teens. Welcome!

I’m Kelly, and I’m a former church youth director turned stay-at-home mom. My family lives in Southern California where we work for a missions organization. We plan to head overseas as soon as we handle some medical treatment for our daughter.

Whether you’re a parent, grandparent, Sunday school teacher, aunt or uncle, youth ministry volunteer, or another adult mentor, I hope to encourage and equip you as you invest in the young people in your life.

You can read more about Faith Passed Down and about me here.

Global Missions with Kids

By joining me for this Global Missions with Kids series, I hope you will be inspired and equipped to show Christ’s love for all nations alongside the children or teenagers in your life.

First, we’ll be talking through a foundation for Global Missions, answering questions like:

  • What exactly is Global Missions?
  • Why do it?
  • What are the reasons to include young people in my mission work?

We’ll talk about ideas for developing global awareness in children and teenagers and look at some resources that can help cultivate a love for all nations with the young people in your life.

Then, we’ll spend the second half of the series looking at over 15 different practical ideas for doing Global Missions with Kids.

I don’t want you to do all 15 ideas!

Instead, I hope as you read these ideas, you’ll prayerfully consider one or two that you can focus on with young people. You can view or print this worksheet to help guide you through this process: 31 Days of Global Missions with Kids – worksheet.

Finally, at the end of the month, we’ll wrap up with some closing thoughts.

I usually only post on Faith Passed Down a couple times a week, but in October, I’ll be writing every day about Global Missions with Kids. In November we’ll be back to just one or two posts a week.

You can view all the published posts above, and see upcoming posts so you can get a feel for what we’re talking about. Each day I’ll be updating this page with a link to another post.

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Hundreds of writers participate in the Write 31 Days Challenge each October.

About Write 31 Days

I’m so excited to be participating in Write 31 Days – a challenge for bloggers to write every day for 31 days in October.  For many years, I’ve been a reader and fan of the challenge, but this is my first time writing.

There are hundreds of other people writing about all sorts of topics related to family life, faith, fashion and style, blogging… you can check them out here!

Feeling Overwhelmed about Reading So Many Posts? Check out this guide.

This month, FaithPassedDown.com will be full of information about doing Global Missions with Kids. I hope to be comprehensive, but certainly don’t want to overwhelm you!

Like I mentioned before, I put together a printable worksheet that can help you think through Global Missions with Kids. It has some simple questions to answer as the series progresses and I hope it will help prevent you from feeling overwhelmed.

The goal is to help prevent you from feeling like you have to do every single idea I’ll be sharing, and instead listen to God’s leading for one or two new things you can do to be involved in Global Missions with Kids.

You can download, print, or just view on your mobile device by clicking here.

Just for Fun – a Few Extras

If you use Spotify to listen to music (free!), here’s a playlist I made as a “soundtrack” for this series… some of my favorite “gets-me-fired-up-for-serving-God” songs.

I’ll be using the hashtag #GlobalMissionsWithKids on Instagram and Facebook. As  you read these posts, try out these ideas, or engage in Global Missions with your kids in any way, I’d love to see your photos… please use that hashtag! At the end of the month, I’ll be putting a post together with some of my favorite photos.

Finally, if you have your own blog and write a post about Global Missions with Kids, please send me the link: Kelly{at}FaithPassedDown{dot}com. I’d love to highlight your post at the end of the month.

Thanks for joining me for 31 Days of Global Missions with Kids!

Global Missions with Kids

10 thoughts on “31 Days of Global Missions with Kids

  1. This is an amazing idea for a series! I have been trying to think of ways to get my kids and family involved in missions, and have no clue where to start. I can’t wait to follow along!

  2. Kelly, this looks wonderful. I will be reading along for sure. We love giving our kids an awareness of the world and the heartache (and joys) in it. My parents raised us on the kids version of the Operation Mobilisation book.. I think that was what was called. Such a fab book, but I think it is out of print. My sisters and I were geography wiz kids because of it!!

    1. Thanks, Joy! I have heard of them, but haven’t looked at their site in a long time… I’ll have to check it out again! Thanks for the idea!

    1. Thanks, Kristina! I just checked out your 31 Days of Motherhood series… looks like you’re off to a great start! I am so sorry about your son’s night terrors… wow! Hope they continue to stay away. That is powerful stuff!

    1. Thanks Noelle! I took a peek at your blog – love the “God who parties” idea! Your writing is great and your blog looks great too (visually). Keep it up!

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