How to do Global Missions as an Adult Mentor

Welcome to the 31 Days of Global Missions with Kids series! You can view all the posts in the series here. Please remember that the goal isn’t for you to do ALL these projects, but rather pick one or two. You can download a printable worksheet here to guide you through discerning which project is best for you and the young people in your life.

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If you are someone who mentors young people outside your own family – perhaps you’re a grandparent or devoted aunt, or you volunteer with your church’s youth ministry, or you serve foster children as a CASA… I hope that nearly all of the posts in the 31 Days of Global Missions with Kids will be helpful for you.

I hope you might be inspired to put together an Operation Christmas Child shoebox with your youth ministry small group, or you’ll write to a Compassion sponsored child alongside your grandchild. Maybe you’ll buy a fair trade gift for your nephew or purchase a Little Passports kit for the child you babysit.

If you are an adult mentor, please know that my heart is for you! You are doing a valuable service as you teach, lead, and love young people, particularly those who are not your own children.

how to do global missions as an adult mentor

How Can I Do Global Missions AS an Adult Mentor?

A little different than the ideas described above, I have some additional ideas for ways you can do global missions as an adult mentor. These aren’t ideas for doing missions alongside the young people you mentor, but rather ideas for reaching young people by serving in global missions.

In other words, if you are an adult thinking, “I’d love to make a difference in the life of a young person, particularly a young person from another culture and possibly living in another country,” here are some ideas for you!

You’ll notice that many of the ideas are connected to ways we’ve already talked about serving alongside young people… now, we’re just considering how you can directly mentor the young people you are serving.

Ideas for Global Missions as an Adult Mentor:

  • View yourself as a mentor for your sponsored child. As you write letters and pray for your child, consider how you can serve as a mentor. Write words of encouragement and inspiration. Commit to writing regularly and encouraging your sponsored child. You could even consider saving up for a visit to your sponsored child in person someday!
  • Sign up as an English tutor or English partner for a child who speaks English as a foreign language.
  • Serve as a friendship partner to an international student, particularly one who is on the younger side, in elementary school, high school, or college.
  • Host a foreign exchange student in your home for the school year. Occasionally this is even an option for just a brief period of time – some groups of elementary school students will come to the U.S. from places like China. They will stay for a couple weeks to learn and have fun. This would be a great way to try this out for a short period of time!
  • Volunteer with a Backyard Bible Club in a multi-ethnic area of your community. Make an effort to get to know the boys and girls who participate. Are there any older children who participate in the club? Consider how you can raise them up as student leaders for the Backyard Bible Club.
  • Go on a short-term mission trip that focuses on serving young people. In the past, I’ve helped with several English-language Bible camps in Eastern European countries. Middle school and high school students would come for a week to learn English, participate in Bible studies, and have fun together. This was a great chance to mentor these young men and women!

This Global Missions with Kids series is full of thoughts and practical ideas for serving Christ alongside your children and teenagers.

**What ideas do you have for serving in global missions as an adult mentor? Leave a comment below.