No Judgment, Only Grace: My Hopes for This Blog

As I dream about the possibilities for this “Faith Passed Down” blog space, one of my biggest hopes is that this would be a place where you experience grace, not judgment, regarding your faith-building efforts.

grace not judgment

I fear presenting myself as a faith-building expert. As I share ideas, offer a bit of expertise from my youth ministry background, or explain how we do things in our home, I don’t want to make it seem like you are not good enough. I don’t want to set an unattainable bar to strive for, nor do I want it to seem like I have it all together.

I struggle with being able to convey that though I am sharing tips and want to inspire, I am not some faith-building master who perfectly lines up my children to pray and sing hymns each morning before our hour-long family Bible study at bedtime.

I do NOT have it all together. I’ll sheepishly admit my daughter was 2 and a half before I ever told her about Jesus’ death and resurrection. Can you believe that?

Sure, we have some kids’ Bibles that we read every once and awhile, and sure, we’re faithful in bringing her to church… but I had never sat down and talked with her about the very crux of our Christian faith until just a few months ago when we celebrated Easter. I found myself stumbling over the words to talk about Jesus with a two year-old… and wondered how I had wasted the previous two years without talking over this most essential part of Scripture.


I want you to know that a primary motivation for starting this blog is my own accountability and growth. I was feeling like I devote a whole lot of time, effort, and mental energy to many things throughout my day – cooking, cleaning, teaching the ABCs, watching the latest episode of the Amazing Race, checking out my facebook news feed – and very little time to thinking about my children’s faith. I hope this is a way to personally devote more time and mental energy to growing in the area of family faith-building.

As you read ideas or interact with others in the comments, please do so with the lens of “grace.” Please don’t walk away from here trying to do it all, or thinking everyone else has their act together more than you do. I’ll try to keep things real here, and I hope you’ll do the same.

Let’s join together in gracefully sharing ideas and focusing on passing faith down to the young people in our lives!