pastors and church leaders

Dear Youth Pastors, Children’s Pastors, Directors of Christian Education, Sunday School Teachers, Senior Pastors…

Welcome to Faith Passed Down! I pray that your time exploring this site will be encouraging and helpful for you. The purpose of is to inspire and equip parents and other adults to mentor and disciple children and teenagers in their Christian faith.

I spent four years working as a full-time Director of Christian Education at a church in San Diego. My areas of leadership focused on youth ministry and missions.

While I led our youth ministry, I focused especially on ministry happening away from our church campus: equipping parents to raise their children to follow Jesus, and equipping a team of “adult mentors” to reach out to the young people in their lives – perhaps a grandchild, family friend, or student.

I stopped working when our first child was born in 2012, but church ministry continues to be an area near and dear to my heart. I’m so glad you’re here!

I hope you might find some help here for yourself – perhaps a Bible study or devotion to share with your Sunday school class, or a new tip to help in your own interaction with young people at your church.

However, even more so, I hope the parents and other adults who attend your church might find inspiration and encouragement here, and I hope you might consider passing on as a resource to these men and women.

My goal is to help you to help parents and other adults in your congregation. If there’s any way I can help you do that – answer a question, create a resource on a particular topic, pray for you – please shoot me an email. [kelly{at}]

Many blessings to you!