You Can Do It! Encouragement for Your Faith Building Journey

you can do it

Faith building is daunting. Teaching children about Jesus seems scary, especially with Scriptures like Matthew 18:6 ringing in our ears… “If anyone causes one of these little ones… to stumble, it would be better for them to have a large millstone hung around their neck and to be drowned in the depths of the seas.” Yikes!!

Faith building takes time… and energy… and makes us feel awkward… and unsure of ourselves… and so we sometimes think, “I just can’t do it. Why bother?”

The enemy certainly wants us to believe that we can’t do it. When it comes to passing faith in Christ down to a new generation of children, he wants us to be discouraged. He wants us to give up.

He whispers lies like…

  • You don’t have the time.
  • You don’t know enough.
  • Your own background is full of sin. How can you possibly pass on a positive faith legacy to someone else?
  • You’re not very good with children. Remember how awkward you feel around them?
  • Your own faith is a little unsteady. Sometimes you have doubts. You might cause more harm than good… better not try.
  • Just leave it up to the Sunday school teachers and pastors at church… they know way more than you.
  • You always think about reading the Bible to your kids, but you never actually do… why bother? Just give up. You’ll never have the time!
  • You can’t do it.

It is so easy to let those falsehoods creep into our attitudes and our actions.


But we have One on our side who nullifies those lies! Christ tells us the Truth:

  • Let Me make time in your day for faith-building.
  • You don’t need to know “enough.” I am enough. Tell what you do know. Tell about your personal experiences. Read straight from your Bible.
  • Your own sin background is the very vessel that shows My grace and forgiveness. If you were perfect, how could I demonstrate My forgiveness?
  • You don’t need to be “good” with children. Far more important than feeling “cool” is showing a genuine heart of love and care for the young person in your life.
  • I don’t ask for a perfect faith. Your authenticity and admission of your own questions gives room for young people to feel free to discover their own personal faith in Me.
  • The Sunday school teachers and pastors get an hour a week with your child. Maybe two. You have much more time with them each week, in his own home environment. Your example and conversation is far more important.
  • Don’t be discouraged over your past failures to pass faith down. Live in the present moment and consider what you can do today to build faith in a young person.